Remind Me to Set a Reminder

One of my favorite things to do that helps me to stay organized is to set reminders for myself. Whether it’s an important reminder to email someone back or a simple reminder to get milk from the store, I like to document these for a few reasons.

The first being that it helps me get things done. If I didn’t set reminders on my phone (I absolutely love the Reminders app on my iPhone!), my days would be a lot more hectic. Having to juggle school with work with internships with friends can be a lot to handle, but staying organized is quite simple when accompanied by the right tools.

The second reason is because I am constantly trying to mentally remind myself of things. Knowing that I don’t have to continually remind myself of things give me such peace of mind, and I am able to focus my energy on completing my tasks, rather than worrying about them.

Another reason I like to record my tasks, whether achieved or unfinished, is because I can track my progress. Whenever I’m feeling stressed out or unproductive, I just open my Reminders app and scroll through all of the completed tasks I’ve done over the past month. It helps me to realize that even the smallest things can make a big difference.

Before I had a Smartphone, I would make handwritten notes to myself and tuck them in important places, like my wallet or on the back of my door so that I’d see them before I left for the day.

We have so much going on in our lives that make it difficult to stay on top of everything. I recognize that one of my faults is that I can be forgetful at times, but I try to take steps to overcome this limitation by reminding myself of what truly matters.

What about you? How do you remind yourself to do things?


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