I Want To Remember (Chicago)

There are so many things in my life that I want to always remember, like how I felt when I first walked out of a subway tunnel, gazing at all of the remarkable buildings, city lights, and people, or the moment I realized I was truly in love. So many amazing things have happened to me and I never want to forget a single moment.

However, being human, we subconsciously let things slip through the cracks. I want to try to hold on to as many memories as I can, whether big or small. One of the many benefits of having this blog is that I have my own little space on the Internet, a virtual diary per se, that I can always look back on and relish the moments. I want to remember.

My first edition will be Chicago-based, while I still have vivid remnants of my trip fresh in my mind.

I want to remember…

  • The skyline. From the John Hancock Center, from the Skydeck, from the Willis Tower, from the plane, etc.
  • That time a complete stranger offered to take our picture for us, and then proceeded to take a selfie. Which I found in my phone days later.
  • The insane amount of Starbucks stores. Seriously, they’re on every single block.
  • Meeting the CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group. Holy moly.
  • Neve Sulla Lava is absolutely delicious. Courtesy of Eataly.
  • Walking. Walking everywhere.
  • No one knows fear until they stand in the Skydeck and look down.
  • The wind. Oh my gosh, the wind. Brr.
  • The fact that the first day we arrived was the first sunny day Chicagoans had seen in months. And that everyone told us, “You must have brought the sunshine!”
  • Within the first 10 minutes of being in Chicago — Nina and Mia exiting the subway, and me trying to get off, but the doors closing in my face. Then, the looks on their faces as they watched me whiz off down the tracks.
  • All of the quaint neighborhoods with European-styled, tall townhouses.
  • Peter and the Starcatchers: especially the “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my Godddd” scene.
  • Eating gnocchi for the first time. And absolutely loving it.
  • The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. And then getting everyone free cupcakes through their Twitter.
  • My first EOS.
  • The smells: brownies, deep dish pizza, the smell of the subway, Kirsten’s Marc Jacobs perfume, the smells at the Firecakes Doughnuts shop, the smells at night, etc.
  • Getting locked out of our hotel at 3AM, and security not being able to fix the door.
  • Kirsten opening a bottle of wine with a stiletto and a pen.
  • Lurching into a random stranger on the subway. Multiple times.
  • Talking with Eve, the 76-year-old stranger I sat next to on the plane for 2 hours, and our engaging, amazing, awe-inspiring conversations.

Here’s to never forgetting, always remembering, and loving every minute of life.


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