Holland, Michigan

This past Christmas, I traveled to Holland, Michigan with my boyfriend, Spencer, and his family. It was my first time traveling with him, and I was so incredibly excited to see the place he grew up.

I wish I had started this blog months ago, so I could do this blog post justice. I simply do not remember every single detail about this incredible trip; certain things still stick out in my mind, though, and I am grateful. I am grateful for pictures that capture memories, and I am grateful for my mind that does such a wonderful job (sometimes) at saving feelings. I’m also grateful for this blog, which will provide me with pictures and memories for many years to come.

The little things are what I remember the most.

I remember meeting his grandma, Adelaide, for the first time. I remember our first snowman, Charles, and the highly unfair snowball fight that ensued shortly afterward. I remember the long car rides, traveling from Holland to Lansing, and the funny conversations along the way.


I walked behind his old house and met all of his extended family; we walked up and down Main Street and shopped at The Peanut Store (which has been open and in the same family for 100+ years!), something that still holds fond memories in his family’s hearts. When we walked in, I remember a woman waving at his mother, saying, “Hey Wendy!” as if it hadn’t been years since they had last seen each other.

Even though I didn’t grow up here, Holland feels a lot like what home should feel like. It’s such a little town with quaint shops and happy people. The cobblestoned streets and older buildings are such a beautiful sight, and I like to imagine what it would be like to live in this little town.

We went to the lake and saw Big Red. I wasn’t sure of the significance of this place, but man was it cold. Unfathomably cold. I had survived 13 winters in Missouri, but I had never been more cold in my life. I forget now, but I’m pretty sure it was below zero degrees, or at least I’m remembering it that way. ImageImage

I remember regretting not wearing gloves. My boyfriend’s dad gave me this white headband to save my ears from falling off. I’ll have to remember to thank him for that. Image

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the amount of snow. I have never seen anything like it. The snow covered everything like a beautiful, white blanket. The trees, frozen from trunk to every single branch, were covered in icicles that could seemingly pierce time itself. These icicles reminded me of the icicles my sister and I would find hanging from our roof  our house in Missouri.



As I look through these pictures, I’m reminded of how beautiful the world is. Just two weeks ago, I was in awe of the stunning skyscrapers in Chicago and I have to catch myself when I see these pictures of things that would normally go unnoticed. These are the reasons why I love traveling. I love adventuring. I love exploring.

Michigan was remarkable, and I can’t wait to go back there again one day. Image


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