Take a Look: Week 1

One of my favorite bloggers, Elise Cripe of enJOY it, does this amazing thing on her blog called weekend links. Each week, she shares links to things she’s found on the Internet that she feels are worth sharing. I absolutely love this aspect of her blog because she dedicates time to share the spotlight. 

I love reading about her life, crafts, and business, but it’s also super amazing to see what inspires her in the real world. Because that’s what makes the Internet so great, isn’t it? We’re all a part of one big community–a great big Internet family. And when you’re a part of a family, you share.

I’d like to pay a tribute to her and start sharing weekend links on my blog, because I want to, but also because it’s a great way to bounce ideas off each other and share awesome things with the world.

This week, you should take a look at these links: 

What shareable things have you found on the Internet this week? I’d love to check ’em out!


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