My Sister, Kirsten

I am so incredibly proud of my older sister, Kirsten Marklin.

Throughout all the changes in my life, she was one of the main constants that was always there. She was the one to look up to. My inspiration. My role model. My big sister.

She is one of the most caring, dedicated, and extraordinary people I know.

Last month, she fulfilled her lifelong dream of running in the Boston Marathon. 

Kirsten Marathon

Though I could not be there to watch her cross that finish line, I was supporting her 1,306 miles away. I received every text update from the Boston Marathon, and my mom and older sister were there to cheer her on.

One of Kirsten’s traits is that she never complains. She would much rather focus on the beautiful things in life, rather than dwell on the negativity. Though she mentioned pain in her hips prior to the marathon, she brushed it off.

So when I read the article about her race in Boston that emphasized her labral tear in her hip, I was shocked to discover how severe it was.

My big sister, my Kirsten, pushed through her hardest race despite all of the pain coursing through her body, in order to fulfill her dream.

It was that special (event) after what happened last year,’ Marklin said, when terrorists set off bombs at the marathon. This year was considered a comeback for the event.” 

She is, and will always be, an inspiration. To me, to our family, to everyone she touches in her life. I am so unfathomably proud of her, and always will be. 

Marklin sisters


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