St. George Island

This weekend, my friends and I had a weekend getaway. Our supervisor, Sheila Glosser, has been promoted and is moving to Atlanta (so proud!), so we celebrated with a going away party at St. George Island. I had never been on an island before, so I was really excited to explore. It’s the closest beach to Tallahassee at about a two-hour drive, and the bridge to get from the main land to the island is 5.2 miles!


To be honest, I used to hate beaches. Being that I grew up in St. Louis, I never went to the beach as a child. I was 13 when I went for the first time in Tampa, and got really sunburned. I’m also not the best swimmer and get a little nervous when I think about things at the bottom of the ocean.  However, St. George Island is different. I actually really enjoyed the beach. The waves were very strong and despite it being cloudy, the weather was breathtaking. My boyfriend taught me how to bodysurf and we spent hours riding the waves to shore. I loved it.


There was also a wedding!


St. George Island had one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been on.


I’m so glad that I went outside my comfort zone and explored the island. It was a nice oasis to escape to for a weekend, and it is definitely a vacation spot we’ll be frequenting more often.



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