New York City Summer Housing

For the past few weeks, I have been working tirelessly to find summer housing for my internship with JWT. I have researched reviews, memorized maps, and gotten personal recommendations. I’ve gotten to know quite a lot about important factors and things to consider when living in the city, and more than a few of my friends have asked me to share what I’ve found. And I thought that if my friends would like to know about it, maybe some people on the Internet might appreciate this research, too. So here’s what I’ve found regarding summer housing in New York City.


1) Fashion Institute of Technology 

  • May 26th, 2014 through August 8th, 2014
  • $3,750 for a shared apartment; $5,966 for a single apartment
  • Located at 406 West 31st Street
  • Private bathrooms and full kitchens
  • Wi-Fi, cable TV, and on-site laundry facilities
  • There is a $10 charge per guest per night

2) New York University

  • May 26th, 2014 through August 9th, 2014
  • Prices vary based on dorms, but between $181 per week to $290 per week with a meal plan required (minimum $130 per week)
  • Non-NYU students can only stay at Rubin Hall (non-air conditioned) and Brittany Hall (air-conditioned)
  • Rubin Hall is at 35 Fifth Ave, and Brittany Hall is at 55 E 10th St.
  • Health insurance is required; as a non-NYU student, you cannot obtain health insurance through NYU

3) Columbia University

  • May 26th through July 4th; July 4th to July 6th; July 6th to August 15th
  • For full summer, $3,038 for a double room and $3,808 for a single room
  • Located at the East Campus at 70 Morningside Dr.
  • Must provide proof of an internship and that you are a student
  • Gym membership to the Dodge Physical Fitness Center
  • Private bathrooms and air conditioned rooms
  • Computer lab and fitness lab


1) The Webster Apartments

  • My favorite of the women’s residences; most highly recommended
  • $315 per week
  • There are no specific move in and move out dates
  • Must show proof of work or internship
  • There is a $65 charge per female friend per night
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in the price
  • Housekeeping service
  • Wi-Fi is available for $30 per month
  • Telephone in your room and personal mailbox
  • Beautiful gardens and common areas with cable TVs
  • They also have a really cute blog (which happens to be on WordPress!) where they talk about city life and special events

2) The Brandon Residence for Women 

  • Cheaper alternative at $1,118 to $1,332 per month
  • There are no specific move in and move out dates
  • Located at 340 West 85th Street in the Upper West Side
  • Single bedrooms with shared bathrooms
  • Maid and linen service for a charge
  • No Wi-Fi available
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in the price

3) The Markle Evangeline Residence

  • Run by the Salvation Army
  • From $1,210 to $1,820 per month depending on the number of roommates and size of the room
  • Located in West Village at 123 W 13th St
  • Private bathrooms, but extremely small bedrooms
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in the price
  • Must provide proof that you are working in the city
  • Beautiful roof garden
  • Laundry facility on-site, but charges $1.00 per load


Subletting an apartment or studio from someone can be a great alternative at times, but it’s important to remember that there are extraneous fees and other things to take into consideration:

  • When searching on Craigslist, Facebook, or other third-party websites, it can be hard to determine what is a scam and what isn’t. Make sure you always sign a subletting contract and speak to the person about everything prior to paying anything.
  • Real estate brokers can be great in terms of professionalism finding a nice place, but they often charge a broker fee, which can sneak up on you. I spoke with a broker who charged 1/2 of a month’s rent. In New York, that could easily mean an extra $1,000.
  • Will you be sharing the place with a random roommate or have your own place?
  • There’s no certainty of the utilities or cable bill.
  • Unlike a residence, there is no breakfast or dinner included.
  • While these residences and dorms are located in Manhattan, most sublets might be in the other Borroughs, which would mean a longer commute to your internship or job if you work in Manhattan.
  • Subletting an apartment might provide you more space if you live in Brooklyn or Queens as opposed to a studio in Manhattan.
  • Living in the other Burroughs can be quieter than Manhattan at times.

These are just the options I’ve found over the past two weeks of apartment hunting. If you know of any others, please let me know! I’m still scouring the Web to find the perfect place for me to live this summer.

What do you think of these places? Which do you think is the best place to live?


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