Spring eCleanup

Today is an eCleanup day. By that, I mean it’s a virtual spring cleaning day where I update, edit, delete, and freshen up my Internet presence. I’ve created an about.me page, found two new blogs (The Small Things Blog and Lauren Elizabeth) to start frequenting (side note: they’re also sisters!), and did a complete overhaul of my Pinterest account.

I love going through old pictures, posts, and captured memories to see how much I’ve changed–it’s one of the main ways I keep track of how I’m growing. (This is one of my favorite parts about blogging!)

One example is my Pinterest account. I find looking through my old pins fascinating because my interests are constantly changing. My older pins revolved around my future wedding, my dream home, and various gift ideas. My newer pins consist of travel blogs, craft DIYs, and motivational quotes. I love this. Change is good.

I encourage you to update something in your life, whether it’s meaningful or not. It feels good to get a fresh start. Get back into Pinning, weed out those pessimistic Tweets, upload a pretty picture on Instagram. Do something new. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate the refreshing feeling of being virtually connected.

What are you doing to do to freshen your Internet presence?


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