Congrats, Francie!

This past week has just flown by! I turned 21, moved out of my apartment, donated blood, spent time with my family, and finalized my plans for the rest of the summer in NYC. Don’t you just love those productive weeks?

My little sister, Francie, graduated high school in Tampa this past Saturday, so my older sister, Kirsten, and I traveled down to celebrate with her!


We come from a big family, but the three of us are especially close; nonetheless, it’s been really hard spending so much time apart from each other. To make up for lost time, we spent the past four days eating copious amounts of froyo, relaxing at the beach, seeing Maleficent, and taking a ridiculous amount of group selfies.

(Brendan, Francie, me, Kirsten)

This relaxing getaway came at a perfect timing as I leave for New York this Friday!!! I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to start working on new projects, interacting and networking, and learning everything I can about advertising!

What about you? How do you plan on spending the rest of your summer?


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