Beautiful New York!

This city is seriously the city that never sleeps! I’ve been here nearly two weeks and have been bustling all around ever selfieNYC sunsetnyc sunsetphoto 4From biking in Central Park to walking the High Line, I’ve seen so many amazing things.central parkI haven’t quite mastered the subway system, but I have learned quite a few things (Starbucks = public restrooms and Whole Foods is life changing/amazing/perfection).chelsea viewI’m living with a friend in Astoria Queens, which is full of cultural buildings, authentic restaurants, and cobblestone streets. My favorite thing to do is to go up to the roof of my building at night and look at Manhattan’s skyline. The view is breathtaking. When I tell people that I’m living in Queens, they’re always so enthralled and curious. Working in Manhattan and living in Queens was probably the best decision I’ve made so far–I love the fast-paced atmosphere and energy that stems from Manhattan, but the quiet and quaint ambience from Queens is also near to my heart. It’s such a polar difference, like night and day (literally).downtown flowersPerhaps it’s the tourist in me, but when I’m walking down the street, I can’t help but marvel at all of the intricacies of each building. When in Midtown East, you’re surrounded in tall, tan buildings that have glass windows and beautiful pillars. If you’re in Chelsea or West Village, you’ll see shorter and more colorful buildings with cute shops and restaurants. I love that New York has professional parts of town, while also housing entertaining and cultural aspects, as well.

Perhaps the best way to summarize what I’ve noticed in the past few days is that New York City is beautiful. reservoir pano

nyc sunset 2


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