My First Broadway Show: Pippin!

The past few weeks have flown by! I hear living in the city can do that to you, and right now I’m wishing that time could just slow down for a little while. I’ve lived in New York for six weeks now, and I feel like I’m just now getting used to it. Soon, I’ll be packing my bags and moving back to Tallahassee to complete my Bachelor’s degree at Florida State. (Holy cow!)

Times Square
At the beginning of the summer, I set a goal to do at least one big thing each weekend. One weekend, I went to the beach, another I went to Philadelphia, and this past weekend, I saw my first Broadway show!

pippin cast
I had always wanted to see a show on Broadway, but was never able to because of how expensive they were. However, when I moved to New York, I learned of things like “rushing”.  Most shows offer cheaper options to people who arrive early. Rushing is when people get up early (sometimes at 6AM!) and stand in line for extra tickets. There’s a different amount of tickets depending on the day and show, but most of my friends have been able to get discounted tickets this way. An alternative option is the lottery; people can enter their names a few hours before a specific show, and will have the chance to earn a discounted ticket. My friends and I chose to rush because it was more likely that we’d get tickets. We arrived at 8AM and ended up getting 11 front-row tickets to Pippin the Musical!

Pippin Tix
Pippin wasn’t our first choice (the rush line for Les Mis was really long), but I really enjoyed it! It’s about a boy, Pippin, who is trying to find his meaning in life. He goes through journey after journey to discover himself and what makes him feel whole. The acrobatics were spot-on and the music was exceptional. Since we sat in the front row, we got to interact with the pianist!Pippin Piano
The people smiling on the other side of the pianist are my friends!

My favorite actress in the play was Annie Potts, who played the grandma. Her scene made the entire show, and she is definitely my favorite Broadway actress! Sascha Bachmann was my second favorite–his acrobatic skills were phenomenal!

Sascha Bachmann
Pippin was definitely a memorable play, and I am so happy that I was able to go with great friends. Though I wouldn’t say it was my favorite play (my favorite show is Peter and the Star Catchers, which I saw off-Broadway in Chicago this past April), I would definitely recommend it! Pippin!


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