An Introduction to Introductions

View from Y&R

In New York, you meet new people everyday. Of course, you meet new people in every other city in the world, as well, but New York is an entirely different story. I’ve been in the city about six weeks, and I can honestly say I’ve met close to a hundred different people, which is great because I love meeting new friends. Living in New York this summer has taught me so many important life lessons and I find myself thinking about it constantly.

I find it amusing that introductions vary depending on your setting. In Tallahassee, when people introduce themselves, the first few questions and statements have to do with which year they are in school, what their major is, and how they know a particular person. However, I’ve noticed that in New York, the norm is “what do you do in the city?” and “what brought you here?”

This notion is so foreign to me–that the majority of people living in New York have come from another city or country entirely, and that is such a beautiful thing. I love getting asked what I do and why I’m here because I am so proud of my accomplishments. Networking and socializing are two of my favorite things to do because they both involve interacting with new faces and making new friends.

I am so grateful to be working in this beautiful city and to be living in this great big world. Living in a digital age causes us to take for granted everything this world has to offer, and I think spending time in New York has helped me to realize this.

Which leads me to the next question I am frequently asked when I’m meeting someone new: “Do you plan on moving here after you graduate?”

People often say they came to New York for their jobs, or to be close to the entertainment, or to start a new life. But I honestly believe that if I move to New York, it will be because of the people.

I am a planner, and I always have been. I try to see the bigger picture, but often find myself focusing on the specific details. I fantasize about my future and what it might entail. And lately, I’ve been asking myself that same question.

Moving to New York would change my life in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see where my life takes me.


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