Pioneering Through Creativity

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I’ve been a copywriting intern at JWT for the past nine weeks, and though I’ve had the opportunity to work on large brands and fulfilling projects, my richest experiences have come from the people I’ve had the privilege to meet. 

One of the defining moments of my internship was when Dominic Al-Samarraie said,

“You know, I don’t think creativity is measured by how well you can paint or draw. To me, those are skills. I think someone is creative if they can take a problem and find a way to make it fit, and think of a brand new solution.”

Until that moment, I thought a person was just born creative. I’d always known I had a knack for writing and that I could tell a story, but my last nine weeks at JWT have shown me that to be truly creative, you need a little something more. That something, I’ve learned, is pioneering.

The day I realized I wanted to work at JWT was the same day I learned about Helen Lansdowne Resor. Even before she was the first creative director and JWT’s first female copywriter, Helen was a pioneer. And since she was someone I looked up to, I began to realize I wanted to be a pioneer, as well.

Since interning at JWT, I have come to realize that there is so much more to a pioneer than meets the eye; a pioneer is someone who discovers new ideas, new ways to improve, and new ways to stand out. 

JWT Interns Listen

One project I’m excited about working on is NAMI’s #IWillListen campaign, which aims to provide support to people with mental illness. We were tasked with finding ways to get people to pledge to listen online. After working on our concepts for weeks and pitching our ideas to the client, our event will be taking place today in Washington Square Park at 12 p.m. So if you’re in New York City today, we’d love it if you could join us! The more people who come out and show their support, the bigger the impact will be.

Looking back, I have really come a long way. I have learned so much about this industry and myself, and I have JWT to thank for that.

(This entry was originally posted on JWT New York’s website. Group photo courtesy of Chris Melamed.) 


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