I’ve Been Promoted!

I have worked at Brandt Information Services for almost three years–October 11th is my Brandtaversary!–and it has been such an amazing journey. I have gone through many changes at Brandt resulting in a lot of experience and friendships. From starting in the Labor Market Research department as a freshman in 2011 to transferring to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission department this past January, Brandt has always been there. The owners of the company, John Thomas and Richard Wise, have been the best bosses anyone could ask for, from taking employees to lunch to offering annual bonuses, to pushing their employees to the best they can be.

When I was offered a summer internship with J. Walter Thompson in New York City this past summer, I was ecstatic. I knew that this would open doors for me, and that it would teach me valuable life skills which I would use in my future. Because I would be gone from Tallahassee for such a long period of time, I had to resign my position as a Licensing Sales Agent at Brandt Information Services in June 2014. Putting my two-week’s notice in was incredibly hard and I often doubted whether it was the right choice. In doing so, I was betting on myself to be able to obtain another job upon my return in August. Since I support myself financially, this was a huge risk.

I moved to New York for the summer and it was honestly the best experience of my life. I lived, I laughed, I learned. I met extraordinary people, worked on popular brands, and gained insight into what my future will be like in a short eight months.

When I returned to Tallahassee in August, John Thomas, the president of Brandt, requested to meet with me. I had no idea what it pertained to. When I returned, everything was the same, and at the time same, entirely different. John told me that he wanted me back at Brandt no matter what. He then offered me a promotion as a Technical Recruiter in the staffing department, which I gladly accepted.

With this new position, I am in charge of all social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter (1 & 2), and Facebook, and I also create the quarterly newsletters and migrate staffing content onto our new database. Lately, I have been helping to plan events and fundraise for a charity, which has been my favorite aspect of this new position. I feel like this position was created just for me, which in a way, it was. I am so incredibly happy with my job and couldn’t be more grateful to everyone at Brandt. They have been wonderful to me these past three years and I can’t wait to continue to live, laugh, and learn from Brandt.


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