New York in 1 Week!

I’ll be back in my city one week from today!

nyc apt

I’ve had Welcome to New York on repeat since it was released and I’ve been reusing my favorite mug for weeks. The perfect way to celebrate my reunion. I’ll be arriving at 3pm on Tuesday, November 18th and returning to Tallahassee on Sunday, November 23rd. (Five whole days in New York City!) There are so many things I simply can’t wait for!

nyc cornerbrooklyn flowers

I’m so excited to roam the busy streets, taking in all of the amazing, smelly, wondrous smells. One part of New York that I truly miss is just walking down the streets just to wander. The city is so massive that you simply cannot cover everything in one summer. Next week, I’ll be able to cover new ground.

JWT office creative

I’m ecstatic to see JWT and all of the wonderful people who work there. This past summer changed my life in more ways than one and I’m so proud of all of the work they’ve been releasing lately. Check out their recent work with NAMI! This #IWillListen album is so important to me because I was able to help with this campaign for my summer intern project. Through this project, I learned that 1 in 4 Americans is affected by a mental illness, and I was able to see how organizations such as these help so many people.

carly insta 2

I can’t wait to meet Carly of The College Prepster! Carly is one of my favorite bloggers and I’m so happy she agreed to meet for coffee. I love everything about her from her style and voice to her positive outlook on life! Her Instagram inspires me daily and reading her blog has become one of my favorite morning routines. She is someone I sincerely admire and I’m so grateful to be able to personally meet her. Can’t. Wait! 

nyc friends

I’m elated to see all of my friends! In a city where people sit inches apart without talking, wearing headphones to keep people out, it can be really hard to make friends. But I was fortunate enough to meet extraordinary people with incredible kindness and authenticity. Brunch and coffee will be a must, along with Central Park strolls and endless subway rides. It’s gonna be a blast.

central park water

I’m thrilled to be able to tour such extraordinary agencies. I am so grateful to be afforded the opportunity to tour Translation, Grey, Deutsch, and McCann Erickson! When I toured mcgarrybowen, Havas, Starcom, and Leo Burnett in Chicago this past April, I gained insight into agency culture and client work. I also met with amazing people in the industry and learned the history of each agency. It was interesting to see where each firm has come from, and compare it with where they are now. I can’t wait to see what these New York agencies are up to!

This trip will be one for the books.

I’m so happy to have this space so I can look back and remember all of the wonderful things this city has offered me. Thank you for reading and letting me share my joy with you.

a city girl.


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