New York City, Then & Now

Tomorrow, I’ll be in New York City once again. It’s such a strange and exciting feeling, and I know once I get there, I’m not going to want to leave.

empire state

The first time I went to New York was in March 2013 with Tallahassee Community College for a journalism conference. This trip changed my perspective on a lot of things, especially my views toward traveling. I love traveling. Ever since stepping out of that taxi and seeing just how very massive the world is, I’ve had this desire to see more, learn more, do more.

Since I’ll only be in the city for five days, it’s important for me to have a schedule and list of things I need to do. Otherwise, I would be endlessly strolling down Bleeker Street or through Central Park. Some of my best memories started off with me simply walking through Manhattan. Maybe Taylor Swift said it best in Welcome to New York: “Walking through a crowd, the village is aglow. Kaleidescope of loud heartbeats under coats.”

On this trip to New York, I hope to…

  • Stroll through Central Park and reminisce about this past summer.
  • Take many many beautiful photos. The only thing I wish I could have done more this past summer would be to have taken more photos.
  • Visit Astoria, Queens.
  • Read on the subway.
  • Meet someone completely inspiring.
  • Not have a heart attack when I meet Carly Heitlinger.
  • Recreate one of my past photos in the city!
  • Gain better insight into what my necessities are for when I graduate. Location? Pay? Job? Company? I’ll be touring four agencies so I’m hoping that the inside look might inspire me.
  • Learn more about myself through interviewing. (Could also do this while touring agencies.)
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (again).
  • See another show on Broadway!
  • Take away and learn three new things from the AWNY conference workshops.
  • Eat an almond cookie at Ferrara Cafe in Little Italy. They are to die for!
  • Get coffee at at least three local shops. This is really hard since there is a Starbucks around every corner.

As I was writing this list of things to do in the city, I remembered making a similar list this past May when I found out I would be spending the summer in the city. When I looked back, I was so happy to realize I did most of the things on my list! Aside for hailing a cab as smoothly as Carrie Bradshaw (I mean, that’s practically impossible) and eating at Serendipity (which I still would love to do!), I’ve done every single one of those things, which were at some points pretty embarrassing. (Try to imagine me walking through 7th Ave with my phone stuck in my face, asking the Elmos how to get to Central Park…)

Tomorrow, I’ll be in New York. Tomorrow, I’ll be rushing through airports, trying to get to the city in one piece. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing down every waking emotion so that I can try to remember just how fantastic this city is. Tomorrow, I’ll be hailing a cab while taking photos while secretly pinching myself that this is my life. Tomorrow, I’ll be closer to discovering who I want to be.


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