I Want to Remember (Fall Weekends)

This past weekend was one of those weekends you really want to hold onto. It was spent surrounded by my closest friends and it was simple. Most of my friends work opposite schedules so it’s hard to find a time to just enjoy being together. We normally spend Friday nights together, but very rarely more than that.

Every Friday night, we go to a local restaurant in Tallahassee and play trivia. It’s one of my highlights of the week and something I’m always looking forward to. We don’t win every week, but we come pretty close. In case you’re wondering, our team name is Stormageddon (it’s a Doctor Who reference!). It was my first time being back after three weeks of traveling, finals, and work, and even though we didn’t win, it was a great evening.

My high school teacher, Mr. Schmitz, and his wife visited Tallahassee to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. My boyfriend, Spencer, and I met in our junior year of high school in Mr. Schmitz’ American History Honors class and we were really close with Mr. Schmitz. At the end of the year, Spence and I did a research project on the history of the refrigerator, which ended up getting second place in our school’s competition; the top three winners got to travel to Tallahassee to compete with the entire state of Florida! Mr. Schmitz led the road trip, and though we didn’t place, it was another one of my favorite weekends. This was the weekend that Spence and I went from a “you and me” to a “we.”  

So, in a way, Mr. Schmitz has been there with us since the beginning. The four of us got together on Saturday night and reminisced about high school memories while playing darts at Poor Paul’s Pourhouse. The best part? I got my first bullseye! bullseyebullseye closeup

Sunday was a lazy day for sure. I don’t work weekends anymore and Spencer had the day off so we treated ourselves to brunch at Bandido’s Burrito’s, one of our favorite local restaurants. Then we baked cookie brownies and watched The Blind Side and Get Smart. The weather has been on the “colder” side lately so on Sunday night, we built a fire in my apartment complex’s grill and had a few friends over for hotdogs and s’mores. We played catchphrase over the fire and watched SNL in my living room. We’ve never had cookouts like this before, but I can definitely see us doing it again in the future because of how much fun we had.weekend fun

I want to remember…

  • Mr. Schmitz telling me to call him Tanner… finally.
  • Hearing Amanda and Tanner’s wedding story.
  • Saying goodbye to Mary on her last day at Brandt.
  • Dancing the Carlton at Pour Paul’s Poorhouse. (I just learned this dance last week.)
  • The moment when we were playing catchphrase and Josh was trying to get me to say, “On top of the world” when all I could say was, “On top of the moon! On top of the earth! On top of the dirt!”
  • My first bullseye! And it was a double!
  • Watching The Blind Side and trying to hold back tears.
  • Anthony Crispino’s character on SNL… “Duh… you hear about dis thing?” “I’m preeeetty sure!”
  • Eating the best chicken burrito at Bandido’s.
  • Making s’mores and getting marshmallows everywhere.
  • Winning at King of Tokyo. (Great board game!)
  • SNL mixes The Office with The Hobbit and it’s amazing.

These weekends are the weekends I live for.


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