Gallery Wall Art Print Ideas

As part of my three little goals, I am trying to craft something new once a month. One of the things on my list is to make a gallery wall. I’ve always loved the personality and versatility of a gallery wall and often find myself pinning gallery wall layouts and unique designs.

My apartment in Tallahassee is pretty bare with white walls and black furniture so adding a few prints with color would brighten the place up a bit. Making a gallery wall has been in the back of my mind for a while, but I’ve always put it off because 1) it seems daunting and tedious and 2) I haven’t found the perfect pieces. I would rather wait for just the right piece than have a few that I don’t absolutely love.

After searching Pinterest and Etsy, I’ve figured out what kinds of pieces I like and have been pinning and favorite-ing like a mad woman. I’m hoping to find close to 10 prints before I start planning the layout since most of my friends have advised me to wait until I have all of the pieces before hanging them up for a more consistent and uniform look.

kris atomicI love simple white prints with a colorful design or font. Gold foil prints are elegant and letterpress prints with block fonts are rad. I love a print that tells a good story and encourages conversation.

I want to ride my bicycleI would love to have a few art prints with motivational or sweet words. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with love and encouraging words, and your home is such a great place to do so.

start each day with a grateful heart“The best is yet to come” and “Start each day with a grateful heart” are both quotes that I want to incorporate more into my life. “Let’s stay home” and “You make me brave” are things that I think on a daily basis. They would be a perfect little reminder of the love in my life. 

let's stay home print

My boyfriend, Spencer, and I watch Parks and Recreation together and one of our favorite sayings is, “I love you and I like you” because we understand it so deeply. This would be a print that I would look at each day with a secret smile.

you make me brave

This past Christmas, Spencer gave me four vintage-looking picture frames and I absolutely love them. They’re quaint and colorful and just my style. They’re 4×6 I’m most likely going to fill them up with photos of us and these prints from Elise, and surround them with larger art prints. I’ve been thrifting and visiting Michael’s every now and then to find larger frames. I’ll check back on my progress once I find some great frames and prints. I’m really excited for this project!

What are some of your favorite art prints and Etsy shops? I’d love to follow your Pinterest boards! If you have any tips on making a gallery wall, I’d appreciate those, too!

Little Portraits – Kris Atomic // I Want to Ride My Bicycle – Brit + Co // Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart – Evelyn Henson // Let’s Stay Home print – Ashley Goldberg // Be Brave – Shop Ampersand


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